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How do you match cotton boots in winter?

Brief introduction to cotton boots
Of course, the preferred cotton warm winter clothes, but a lot of MM on cotton is afraid, because always wear obvious fat, perfect collocation, but also need to foil and boots. Cotton boots and ordinary boots are different, mm wearing winter new cotton boots are usually very amiable and easy of approach so it is suitable for jeans, cowboy style collocation civilian dress, the feeling is also easy to highlight the girl next door.

How should boots be maintained and maintained?

First, boots should be how to clean?
In winter many ladies began to wear their dusty boots when, after a year of storage out sometimes found boots surface will appear some small spots, or inside the dirt, then how to clean up the boots, the following is how to clean the boots.
Tools / raw materials
Toothbrush, detergent, shoe polish, soft cloth
Methods / steps
1. First take the old newspaper into the shoes, and then lift the surface of the shoes. Then brush the surface of the boots with a toothbrush. The purpose is to remove the dust deposited on the surface of the shoes.
2. Take a soft cloth sheet and pour a small amount of detergent on the surface of the cloth. Remember not to pour the detergent directly on the surface of the shoe because the detergent will corrode the surface of the shoe and cause a stain.
3, pick up a large area of the surface of cloth lightly Sassafras boots, must be cleaned, usually the upper high boots is not easy even, which requires us to use a toothbrush to gently brush the boots up, will also be maintained.
4. Finally wipe the surface of the boots with a clean cloth. Wipe the surface of the boot and clean it. There must be no stain. This should be checked.
5. Keep your boots in a cool, ventilated place. Don’t let the sun direct. See the surface of the boot clean, and then apply the shoeshine evenly to the surface of the boot.
Two, boots should be how to maintain?
The boots are many women love to wear shoes, but not all women will maintain their boots, especially the boots category, with leather, frosted and so on, maintenance is not the same thing, so in the end how to maintain nutrition boots?
1, buy a new leather boots in the factory, sales is relatively long, it just under the line when the maintenance has consumed almost, so buy new boots should be immediately put on, should play a thin coat of polish and placed 1 days to wear.
2, boots every week maintenance time, if you find yourself off too strenuous, try shopping shoes beauty center.
3, white boots take care of more difficult, if dirty, it is particularly obvious, this time the rubber will play a role, it can remove the pencil like the stain will be completely removed.
4, don’t wear the same pair for more than 3 days, because you need breathing and rest after wearing a day’s boots, so you can have a longer life.
5, before collecting boots to clean up the boots, preferably in ventilated places for 1-2 days, so that it is not easy to become bacteria, mites breeding grounds. After polishing shoe boots, don’t forget to put paper in your boots and keep them in their best shape.

The boots collocation

How new autumn and winter boots boots collocation collocation skills
1. Who says laces can only be exclusive to sneakers? Who says hollowing out only in summer? Put it on and bloom in this beautiful season!
2, every season of the United States shoes, stage are indispensable big slope heel, from spring and summer sandals to winter short boots, join PUNK ring element boots, elongated legs, absolutely eye-catching!
3, leopard shoes still hot, who said a sweet must use bow and small flower? The Sexy Leopard print element UP your fashion degree, more lining your sweet makings.
4, gently Crochet weaving, forming your favorite flower, unique hook flowers and cortex stitching, so that Martin boots through the show delicious road.
5, a pair of ordinary Wedge Boot, no shine, yes, just as comfortable as the material, wear resistant soles, very all-match, can make the legs look more slender!

Buy boots

1, good heat retention
As the saying goes, cool down from the foot, cold at the foot, will lead to a variety of adverse reactions. In winter, women’s boots, one of their choices, must be warm.
2, high permeability
We walk around every day, feet will sweat, in addition to daily wash feet and change socks frequently, the boots of the permeability of the higher requirements.
3, soles should be non slip
Walking in the snow, do not feel very romantic, but romantic, walk to be careful, little attention is falling heavily. Winter boots skid resistance, we must pay attention to Oh.
4, boots should not be too big or too small
Choosing boots too big or too small can cause trouble and discomfort.
5, suitable for their foot type
Whether the shoes fit me, only you know, all said, not just to look good or just be careless with their feet trend.
6, according to their own body choice
Choose boots, must choose according to their own body, slim and good-looking woman pick legs for a long boots, petite woman, the best choice of the kind of short boots or boots.

What kinds of boots are there? 11 kinds of common boots

What kinds of boots are there? 11 kinds of common boots
The boots of many types, according to the style, fabric, different height and divided into several categories. According to the pattern can be divided into pointed boots, boots, boots and other small round tip; according to the fabric can be divided into boots, boots, boots; according to the height of the saddle can be divided into high boots, boots or short boots.
According to the pattern, the representative mainly has the traditional Mongolian boots, riding boots, round head boots, Ma Hai and so on.
Mongolian boots
Mongolia boot
What kinds of boots are there? 11 kinds of common boots
The traditional Mongolia boots, which is characterized by boots boots to help shoot upward as bronze or brown boots, boots and help through beam molding with multi tooth green, elegant “clouds” and “sausage” pattern. Boots wide, boots lined with leather, or lining felt. Inner Mongolia five when called wide sleep has been kept inside a world of Buddha Robson Larsen a pair of leather boots Mongolia, now has more than 200 years of history. Hulun Buir has a “Long Yun Meng pointed boots, a foot high cylinder, cylinder and horseshoe shaped, upturned toe two inches, with the distinctive characteristics of the traditional Mongolia boots.
Riding boots
Boots, a leather and cloth two. The boots are slightly upturned, and the boots are wide and the boots thin. A knee high boots and boots are not, exterior decoration. The leather boots usually decorated with nails, to prevent slipping away in the grass; cloth shoes cloth bottom with a layer of leather, in order to enhance the fastness.
Round head boots
Round head boots are made of cowhide. The front is big, and the boots, boots and boots are all leather. The effect of cold proof is better. This kind of boot is remembered in ancient documents. Ujumqin of men and women are wearing round fragrant leather boots. The cold proof effect of this kind of boots is excellent. The use of black leather boots boots for making high-grade incense, with green strips together, and there were several layers of ripe leather into nano thick foundation, style, materials and colors with simple and dignified all blend into one harmonious whole, regional style. In addition, they have to wear a bright leather boot, similar to a boot made of cowhide. In the coldest days they rode out in the mountains outside the set of boots, sheepskin boots, dubbed the “call to play”. The young man’s boots were sewn with beautiful patterns on the top of the socks.
Ma, is a kind of nomads favorite boots, a knee boots, with black corduroy production. Mohair boots help and boots are decorated with bromination, applique, there are a variety of patterns and designs. Mongolian women made Mohair boots is beautiful and durable, praise for the people in the world.
According to the fabric can be divided into boots, boots, boots.
Cloth boots
Cloth shoes, cloth shoes or boots, is made of cloth or senior cashmere boots, head and boots are often in gold thread embroidery. The design is novel and gorgeous, and has strong national characteristics. The heel, toe boots and associated with embroidery and summarizes the pattern, the main cloud, fret, grass lines, bats, butterflies, words machine fish and insects, flowers and so on, this is not the only one, very beautiful. Well done girls are often praised by everyone.
What kinds of boots are there? 11 kinds of common boots
Boots, usually with leather production, the old and new two old boots, with sweet and astringent leather production, the ancient style, head heavy boots, boots, boots upturned tip, about 1 feet high, Guchi Hiroshio, horseshoe shaped, thick boots, for multi layer bottom; a new ship form; boots with smooth leather production, commonly known as boots. In addition, there is a kind of soft boots, made of camel cattle leather, soft boots strong, lightweight, comfortable to wear in the feet, and specifically to children to wear shoes, made from cooked sheep and skins. Erdos people wear winter boots or ox leather boots and felt socks. The boot tip is rounded without tilting, and the boot is joined to the boot, and the boot is lined with green clip. The bottom of the boot was coated with a thick lining. The nose is bald ujumqin boots boots. Heel boots, winter to a layer of felt, the chicken lines and after the packet with tightly stuck together with twine or cotton. This is conducive to the north through the winter, the boots group is strong, not easy to break, and the appearance is good. If the boots are worn out, the women with felt or cloth do in this new group on the bottom.
Felt boots
The boots, wool felt and moulded, commonly known as ge. In a world of ice and snow in the herdsmen labor, walking or riding, only put on the Ge, can be felt through the cold.
Polo boots: also known as desert boots, mostly with, generally higher than the upper ankle 2cm-3cm; collocation and jeans, casual pants make men more texture, beautiful style.
Elastic short boots
Rubber boots: these boots are sewn on either side of the V – or U – shaped oak, which was used as a costume for the gentry in nineteenth Century. Wearing convenient and comfortable, simple and elegant appearance, so that men are fascinated by it, but also make unruly young people have a cool feeling.
Outdoor boots
Outdoor boots
What kinds of boots are there? 11 kinds of common boots
Outdoor boots: formerly used as a labor protection product, the boot is longer and can hold warm, waterproof and protective feet, and is often paired with modern fixtures. But modern people use outdoor boots because of the tiger Wai, reveals the brave and bold side of man.
Buckle boots
Buckle boots: boots surface regulating tension strap, high boots and a variety of shallow cylinder phase can get out of the ordinary men’s collocation effect, designers often in metal buckle on the marked not only its brand decoration boots.
Cowboy boots
Cowboy boots: from the United States west era boots, boots and is in a V shape curve, and the foot parts are open and side relief figure

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